BASH: Grep Regex ip address

BASH: grep regex ip address To grep an IP V4 s, with regular expression we need to know, how the IP Adresses work. IPV4: [0-255].[0-255].[0-255].[0-255] The regular expression for this is: ^(([0-9][0-9]?|[0-1][0-9][0-9]|[2][0-4][0-9]|[2][5][0-5])\.){3}([0-9][0-9]?|[0-1][0-9][0-9]|[2][0-4][0-9]|[2][5][0-5])$ to use regular expressions for grep, you have weiterlesen

bash action: BASH WHILE LOOP

bash while loop

bash action: BASH WHILE LOOP Hello together, After we talked about the for loop in bash ( we want to talk today about the while loop. As against the for-loop, the while loop has not „initial-parameter“. The loop is running, weiterlesen