How to create a fake trailer with blender 3d – Part 2: manual motion tracking

Hi together,
i hope you enjoyed the first part of „How to create a fake trailer with blender 3d„.
In the 2nd part we will modify the the rest of the scenes of the trailer-
Because some of these scenes are very short, it is more work to set up a correct motion tracking – in these scenes we use the manual motion tracking.

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Linux / Windows.
Blender 3d (Tutorial made with Blender 2.71 –  Download here).
Reading the first part:“How to create a fake trailer with blender 3d„.
Basic Blender Skills..
The trailer in mp4 format (here you can convert youtube movies
Explosion elements by BlinkFarm, available for free at
An american flag 😉  (e.g


Lets start with the small robot scene.

1.) Analyze the scene, to decide which tracking.

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2.) Activate the automatic keyframe insertion.

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3.) Go to the start of the scene and add a plane object with the america-flag-texture.

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4.) Adjust the flag by sizing and rotating a little bit

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5.) now adjust the flag frame by frame. Take the orange lines and the black eye for orientation.

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6.) In the background we use our explosions with the trackers we set in step 1.

Here the result

7.) For the troopers scene we use the american flag for the troopers and for the loading ramp. Because this scene is very dark, we use manual tracking here too.

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8.) The rendering result.

9.) For the girl on the e-bike we can use automatic motion tracking

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10.) Rendering result

10.) finally for the x-wings we use automatic motion-tracking too.
I used the x-wings for the tracking points. If you want explosions in the background, you can add them by manual tracking.

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11.) The render result.

11.) For the Sith-scene we combine manual and automatic motion tracking. manual motion tracking for the sword, and automatic motion tracking for the walk of the sith.

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12.) For the milenium falcon we use only manual tracking

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That’s all – you see, for the manual tracking, all you need is time.It is not so comfortable like the automatic tracking. But sometimes, there is no other way.
In the next and last tutorials we combine all renderings and add sound to it.

But see the final result right now 🙂