How to create a fake trailer with blender 3d – Part 3: Finalize

Hi together,

i hope you enjoyed the first 2 parts of „How to create a fake trailer with blender 3d“ (Part 1, Part 2)

In the last part we will combine  our separate scenes and add sounds to it.
Before we start, i have to say sorry to you – we don’t use blender in the last part. For adding sound and combine videos i will use openshot ( it’s a very simple and powerful video editor and it is open source. Unfortunately the program is only available for linux  at the moment.

If you have further questions – ask me:


Openshot (
The trailer in mp4 format (here you can convert youtube movies
The audio-track of the trailer.
Explosion sounds


1. Open Openshot and add 3 additional tracks

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2.) Add all movie parts, the complete trailer + audio-track and the explosion sound effect. You can use drag & drop to put the samples to your project.

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3.) Drag the trailer in the 2nd line. Now you have an indication where do you have to put your movie parts. Put these parts in the first track.

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4.) Now put the explosions in the 3rd and 4th line. If you want, you can put the sounds in one track, but i think it is more clear (but it depends on the length of the sound-sample you use)

combine-videos-add explosion
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5.) Now cut track 2, so you have the green start scene.
Right mouse-click on the sample and change the length to 8.

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6.) add the trailer again, change the in field that the trailer starts with the star-wars theme.

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After editing the 2nd track, the project should look like on the screenshot below

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7.) Finally add the audio track of the trailer to track 5.

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8.) To create the video go to File -> export and select the advanced tab

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9. Congratiulations, you finished your own fake trailer.

Here is the result