GIMP BLUR BACKGROUND – a gimp shorties tutorial

GIMP Shorties: The magic of a gimp blur background

Hello together,

after i realized, that the Article Tutorial Gimp: Make a transparent gradient has many viewer
i decided today  to start a new gimp tutorials series called „GIMP Shorties„.
At the end of every tutorial u can download the corresponding  XCF-File (Gimp format).

the main goal of this gimp tutorials series is, to show you what is possible with the main filters of gimp.
If you use them wise, you can achieve great results with less effort :).

Requirements for a blur background:

gimp (
Basic skills (nice tutorials:

Ok, lets start:

If you go in the Menu to Filters-> blur you will see the following entries:

Gaussian Blur
Motion Blur
Selective Gaussian Blur
Tileable Blur

In this short tutorial i want to explain in more detail the „Motion Blur“.
This is one of the most effective ways for  how to enhance photos in gimp and get „speed“ in a picture.

i want you to explain it in the following example.

You see this speedy runner on the picture below:

click to enlarge
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Ok, he seems fast but it looks like a little bit unspectacular.

So lets „speed up“ this picture:

1.) we select the whole guy. I preferred for this action the intelligent scissor

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

2. )After we selected him complete, we copy him (strg+c) and paste him to a new layer

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

3.) Then we select the lower layer (the original one) and go to filters ->Blur-> Motion Blur.
In the settings you set the type to linear, and the length and angle like below on the picture.
These are the settings i like – if you play with length and angle, there will be other nice results too.

click to enlarge
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4.) Then we confirm it by pressing ok, and we get a nice result:

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click to enlarge

Thanks to wikimedia for having this photo on their page