How do you unblur a picture – a gimp shorties tutorial

Hello and welcome to the 3rd  gimp shorty from my gimp tutorials series.

After the first two shorties  “GIMP Shorties: The magic of a gimp blur background” and “GIMP Shorties: BLUR BRUSH” we try to do the opposite now – we will do a smart sharpening in gimp.
Everybody had a situation in the past like this: Took a photo of  a really nice subject and then realized that it has been a little bit blurry.

Annoying, but fortunately gimp has some good tools for deblur and sharpen pictures

Requirements for how do you unblur a picture:

gimp (
Basic skills (nice tutorials:

a blurry picture – for example:

Howto Unblur a Photo_blur

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Lets start:

To unblur a picture, most people think it is a good idea to use the sharpen filter. In my opinon, the sharpen filter is useful, but not the best
I prefer the unsharp mask. You will find it under Filters -> enhance -> Unsharp mask

Before we unblur the picture – we will resize it, because you more pixel you have, the better works the sharpen / unsharp mask filter.

Under image -> scale image i resized the picture by 400%.

Then i open the unsharp mask filter (Filters -> enhance -> Unsharp mask)
and set the following parameters to Radius, Amount and Threshold.

Howto Unblur a Photoclick to enlarge

Be careful – increase the parameters in small steps.

After i pressed “ok”, i repeated the filter by pressing “Strg+F“.

That is the result of the unsharp mask:

Howto Unblur a Photo_blurclick to enlarge

For comparison:  Left the originial picture, right the gimp sharpen pictur

Howto Unblur a Photo_blur

Howto Unblur a Photo_blur
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For an another good tutorial for  how to enhance pictures in gimp please visit:

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