Howto create a lego figure 3d model in Blender 3D – Part 2: model the lego-legs!

Tutorial in Blender 3D how to easy model the lego-legs in 18 steps

Hi together,

i hope you enjoyed the first Blender 3D tutorial: „Howto model a LEGO minifigure head“

today i will show you how to to model the legs of a  LEGO(TM) minifigure with Blender 3D. This tutorial is part of my blender 3d – series „make your own lego minifigure in blender 3d“

You can download the complete LEGO-3d-model
at the end of the tutorial
( You have to activate the first 6 layers to see the complete LEGO-Man)

If you have further questions – ask me:


Linux / Windows
Blender (Tutorial made with Blender 2.70 – Download here)
Basic Blender Skills


1.) Select Front-View (Numpad 1)

2.) Create Cylinder with 12 Verticles, and Depth 1.0
Lego leg create cylinder

3.) rotate the cylinder at the x-axis by 90 degree and delete the following edges:
Lego Leg delete edges

Lego legs delete edges

4.) extrude the right edge (green marked) and make face between the red marked edges
Lego leg extrude faces

Lego leg result face

5.) creating the leg form by extruding and moving the edges
lego leg create leg form

6.) delete the side faces 

lego leg del side faces

7.) Switch to the right view (Numpad 3) so you can see the leg from behind
and add loops (STRG+R) as shown below


8.) mark the faces as shown

lego_leg delete hole_faces

9.) mark the edges and select „to sphere“



lego leg delete hole faces

10.) move the green marked verts
they should have the same x and z coordinates like the the red marked verticles
  Hint: use the numeric input field (Press N)lego leg move verts

11.) add the subdivision surface modifier and set the view and render to 3 -> DON’T apply yet
lego leg add subsurfes modifier

12.) move the verts on the x and z axis a little bit, so that they are in line with the other verts
       HINT: use the the front view (numpad 1) for best results.       

13.) mark the edges and extrude them
lego leg extrude holes

14.) Sharpen the edges with loop cuts (strg+r)  like on the the  pic below
lego leg sharpen edges

15.) apply the subdivision surface modifier
lego leg apply subsurf modifier

16.) switch to front view and wireframe and select the outer edges
Press „F“ to add faces
lego leg make sidefaces
lego leg make sidefaces

17.) Switch to object mode and set smooth to the object
lego leg smooth

18.) Add and apply the „Edge Split“ – modifier
lego leg edgesplit mod

Now we finished the modeling and we can render our leg, but no Lego minifigure has only 1 leg – so we duplicate our leg by pressing „SHIFT+D“.


After setting up an nice environment and put a color to our object,
your render result should look like my following render results
lego leg render result

lego leg render result

Congratulations, you finished the legs of your lego 3d model and you are only 4 tutorials away from building your own lego minifigure in blender 3d.